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Should you invest in a weekend home near Mumbai? | 2021 Guide - The Indian Property Investors


More often weekend homes come into the picture when you can afford more after your primary or a first home. This is why it is rightly called “Weekend or Second homes.”

Covid-19 has drastically changed many old stories, and so it did for second-home investing in India. The growing number of NRIs, HNIs, and C-suite professionals settling down in their home country due to lockdown is the primary reason for this new leash. These people are in thirst of exploring and investing in luxury homes within driving distance from the main cities.

But does this mean it is not a middle-class pick? Definitely no.

Reasons why to invest in weekend homes?

1. A middle-class life doesn’t allow you to buy your dream home with its soring price. In contrast, a weekend home satisfies your need at an affordable price.

2. A weekend home can give you a rental during the holiday season.

3. Read-to-move-in houses are always on everybody’s wish list.

4. You get the chance of exploring your life amidst a green and healthy environment.

5. Say goodbye to that small 1BHK and 2BHK apartment lifestyle. Start enjoying a life of luxury with ample space.

6. Nowadays, most weekend homes give you adequate amenities. Dedicated workstations, pool area, lawn, kids play area, wi-fi connectivity, conference, and party hall are some of them.

Three Advantages of buying weekend homes near Mumbai

1. There is a new trend evolving among the vacation and hospitality sectors in India. They are renting out vacation homes instead of a luxurious hotel to give a home-like feeling in attracting their customers. Mumbai and its outskirts house a large number of tourist spots that add to the advantage.

2. A second home can be your perfect destination to spend a quality life with your family away from the city’s hustle.

3. Residential Real Estate Projects near Mumbai are the point of attraction for second home investments.

Points to consider before you buy a weekend home

· Capital growth will only happen if you invest in property in peripheral locations.

· Holiday seasons are just for three or four months per year. You have to consider the maintenance cost or hire a person for the same.

· It will be an added advantage if the area has round-the-year additional activities like seminars, conferences, corporate parties, and training events. This would give you a chance of rental income during non-seasonal times.

· Travel time from your primary stay should be around 1 to 2 hours.

· Make sure the property is RERA registered.

The Indian Property Investors

The Indian Property Investors, led by Milind Dighe, is one of the finest real estate consultancies in Mumbai. Currently, we are working with projects in the Mumbai Metropolitan regions (MMR).

These are the Mumbai peripheral locations we currently work with,

· Palghar

· Igatpuri

· Shahapur

· Kasara

Please check our projects here -

You get affordable and highly evaluated properties that appreciate in the future.

“With us, you not just buy a Home, you buy Feelings”

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