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How to Buy Your Dream 1RK and 1BHK Flats in Palghar?

Do you love having a compact home? Being the leading Real Estate Consultancy in Mumbai, The Indian Property Investors highly recommends you to check these affordable Nirlon Serene 1RK and 1BHK flats in Palghar.

Why buying a flat in Nirlon Serene would be your lifetime opportunity?

● When you can’t afford to spend your entire savings to buy a home, Nirlon Serene flats in Palghar starting from 12.50 Lakhs is indeed the best option.

● If you are a beach lover, then this is your destination. This project is surrounded by popular beaches and tourist spots that are easily accessible in a short time.

● If you are a frequent traveler, then buying flats in Palghar can be the perfect pick. Strongly connected to National highways it gives you the best travel experience.

Top 3 Benefits of Buying a 1RK flat in Palghar?

● A 1RK flat in Nirlon Serene can be your compact home having a rera carpet area of about 290 sqft.

● You will enjoy a higher rental income if you buy a compact house in a rapidly developing industrial and residential area like Palghar.

● Low investment with high returns.

You can check the structure of a flat here

About Nirlon Housing

Real estate projects are everywhere, but all are not REAL.

Be aware of who you are buying from!

Nirlon Housing is a leading real estate constructor concentrating mainly on commercial and residential areas in Palghar. They owe their success to their passion for quality and schedule where they never compromise.

Nirlon Serene is one such project covering 1RK and 1BHK flats in Palghar. Your choice towards this will make your property buying journey the best of all.


● RERA Carpet Area - 269 sqft to 299 sqft

● Cost - 12.66 Lakhs to 15.17 Lakhs (All inclusive)


● RERA Carpet Area - 402 sqft to 416 sqft

● Cost - 18.60 Lakhs to 19.25 Lakhs (All inclusive)

How could we help you?

The Indian Property Investors led by Milind Dighe is one of the leading real estate consultancies in Mumbai. We help people struggling in their property buying journey by providing 100% authentic information and the right option to invest their money in.

We value our customers as to how they value their money.

Visit our Nirlon Serene page where Milind Dighe takes you on a virtual tour of the flats in Palghar -

Helping you with Decisions and Dreams.

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