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How to Select The Best Real Estate Consultant in Mumbai?

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Are you new to Mumbai or the one who has been living in Mumbai for years and is fighting to find the best real estate consultant in Mumbai?

Real Estate Consultant in Mumbai

It is not a big deal to find a job with an exciting salary package and adapt to your dream lifestyle in Mumbai, but it is a little complex process to Build your Dream House or Buy your Dream House as there are many Real Estate Consultants in Mumbai offering various Services.

People get confused when it comes to finding the Best Real Estate Consultant in Mumbai. Many real estate consultants don’t meet the requirements of their customers and some of them lost their credibility due to make their customers unsatisfied.

If your need is to buy or build your dream house in Mumbai or near Mumbai by finding the Best Real Estate Consultant in Mumbai? Don't worry, this article is aimed at guiding you to own your dream home by finding the best real estate consultant.

Tips to Select a Best Real Estate Consultant :

Here I share some tips to find the Best Real Estate Consultant in Mumbai. These tips are used by many to get their work easily done.

Verify the license of your consultant:

Some countries require ownership to be accredited in the State by a competent body.

The licensing of your consultant should be checked. One of the important licenses is RERA.

The Indian Parliament approved the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA). The RERA aims to safeguard house purchasers' interests while simultaneously encouraging real estate investment.

Home purchasers have long complained that real estate transactions are uneven and disproportionately skewed in favor of developers. RERA and the government's model code seek to make property transactions more equal and fairer for both sellers and buyers, especially in the primary market.

You can also enquire with the competent authority about any complaint or disciplinary action taken against the consultant.

Make sure your real estate Consultant can work around your schedule:

Will your consultant be part-time or full-time? Of course, not all consultants work at the same time, but it gives you a sense of their level of experience and commitment to the market.

Full-time advisors are best to fulfil their customer’s needs as they can even work on tight schedules. It probably makes sense to find another agency if they can't provide you the time and flexibility you need.

Check the credentials of your consultant:

The reputation of a real estate advisor is an essential element of success. You should ask for customer references from your real estate consultant.

You should try to talk to two or more of their customers and ask them about the integrity of the consultant, the consultant's expertise, his service quality, and the price of properties acquired by your consultant, if feasible.

Make sure they mitigate the risk:

Find a real estate advisor who will tell you the truth about the dangers involved in buying or selling a home. Get rid of the flattery and fluff consultants.

You want a person who is practical and capable of proactively reducing risk. Beware when you interview consultants, when it comes to investment research, the success of the local marketplace, and the long-term impact of your buying or selling choices, whether they use facts.

Find someone who leverages technology:

While the traditional way of selecting a real estate consultant is worthwhile in your quest, the always-growing internet is full of quick resources.

Some technologies may work meticulously for you, such as combining sales records and finding top brokers with established track records working with purchasers such as you.

Find your consultant’s fees:

You must discuss the fees of your consultant early so that problems may be avoided later.

Real Estate Consultants often omit the costs and they argue that costs may be agreed upon after the conclusion of the contract even if you wish to talk about them but consultants may demand a very large share after the sale has been concluded and this often leads to conflicts with the consultants.

The fees of your consultant should be extremely transparent at first.


One should follow these tips to get the best real estate consultant for their dream home and people can save a lot of money by following these tips.

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